Gemini Rising (A Mischievous Malamute Novel, Book 1) By Harley Christensen

Gemini Rising (A Mischievous Malamute Novel, Book 1)

By Harley Christensen

  • Release Date: 2014-02-12
  • Genre: Mysteries & Thrillers
Score: 4.5
From 70 Ratings


There's a body in your alley...

Arianna Jackson—AJ to her friends—and her occasionally well-behaved Alaskan Malamute, Nicoh, live a normal, uneventful, admittedly mundane existence, where nothing out of the ordinary ever happens.

Until it does.

Early one morning, AJ stumbles upon a horrifying scene—a girl’s body lies broken in the dumpster behind her home, her face beaten and mutilated.

A secret reveals you're living a lie...

As if that weren’t enough to upset the balance of normal, things go from bad to worse when she learns of her connection to the murdered girl. Suddenly, AJ realizes her entire life has been filled with secrets and lies.

A killer hunts for you...

Together with her trusty sidekick, Nicoh, and BFF, Leah, AJ must search for answers. But can she, when finding the truth proves to be more deadly than living the lie?

Would you search for the truth if you knew it could kill you?

Join AJ and her pals as they race to unravel the mystery of her past, where the pieces of the puzzle bring more questions than answers and the only certainty is the killer’s end game—AJ’s life.

Find your truth...

Grab your copy of Gemini Rising and join others who've enjoyed this suspense-filled page-turner that keeps you guessing to the end...and beyond.

Mischievous Malamute Mystery Series Book Order

Gemini Rising—Book 1
Beyond Revenge—Book 2
Blood of Gemini—Book 3
Deadly Current—Book 4
Gemini Lost—Book 5
Coming Soon!—Book 6

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  • Gemini Rising (Mischievous Malamute Mystery Series, Book 1)

    By Osage Speaker
    Good story. Bad editing--so many words duplicated and so many words left out. However the thing that will keep me from reading any more of this series is the two blank pages at end of each chapter. With thirty-one chapters plus an epilogue there are at least 62 blank pages which is just cheating the reader by padding the page count! You think you are getting a book but it is just a long novella. Shame on you!
  • Loved it!

    By Igram 13
    Spellbinding and captivating! This is not your average mystery, but kept me on the edge of my seat. Definitely worth the read. Looking forward to reading the rest of the series.